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In preparation for the three-day EUROSPINE annual conference in October 2019, our task was to design a powerful congress logo based on the existing corporate design and to create various print and web advertisements and the graphic design of the EUROSPINE exhibition stand. Furthermore, we were responsible for the development and launch of the congress app, the entire photo and video documentation as well as the elaborate production of a daily, professionally printed congress newspaper.


We supported our client throughout the year with the development of numerous web, IT, and graphic design services and additionally assisted the society with the organization of their annual congress. The content we produced in this context, consisting of photo and video material, was not only used for the publication of the congress newspaper, but also for the EUROSPINE website and social media channels.


The EUROSPINE app was developed to allow participants to interact directly with the speakers. Delegates had the opportunity to take part in live polls during the presentation or ask the speakers questions via the app and thus actively participate in the discussions in real-time.


About the society

EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe, is a Swiss-based European society of spine specialists. The Society is one of the largest medical societies in Europe with nearly 2,000 members. The Society also functions as the governing body of the national European Spine Societies EuSSAB (European Spine Societies Advisory Board), reaching 8,000 spine experts. One of the society’s aims is to provide quality public information for patients. In addition, it offers continuous training by and for specialists on a regular basis. Moreover, EUROSPINE, which was formed in Innsbruck in 1998, is dedicated towards bringing together all stakeholders in Europe involved in spinal care. The society holds an annual international congress, with more than 3,500 participants from all over the world.


How we did it

The congress logo and other promotional materials such as industry brochures and first announcements were already produced a year ahead of the actual event during the preparatory phase. Additionally, we placed numerous social media ads in the early stages of the event to support different cooperations.

Congress logo

In principle, EUROSPINE uses one primary and additional complementary logos which refer to the respective venues of their Annual Meetings. As an example, the Finnish Congress in 2019 featured an image of a swan, which is also shown on the Finnish 2-euro coin. This magnificent and elegant singing swan is the national bird of Finland, recognisable by its straight neck and distinctively shaped beak compared to other swans. The congress logo for this year was designed to be a word-picture logo, incorporating the EUROSPINE primary logo, along with the year and a design element associated with the venue, “Helsinki”. The signet consisted of the stylised swan.


The signage for the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting was an important part of the visual visitor guidance system that led participants through the venue. In 2019, the signages were created in line with the existing corporate identity and Helsinki design.

Pocket Program

In addition to the official EUROSPINE app, there was also a printed pocket program. This included details of all the items on the program and an overview and map of the congress venue to help visitors navigate their way around the congress site.

EUROSPINE Booth Design

The exhibition stand was equipped with various information materials and QR codes. Starting with infographics for the simplified presentation of subject-specific content, taking into account the basic design and usability, to the key visuals such as the congress logo, selected fonts and font families, EUROSPINE colors, the spine wave as well as photos. During the production of the EUROSPINE booth graphics, we paid special attention to the positioning and readability for congress participants. For the announcement and promotion of the next year’s congress in 2019, we have already produced advertisements and other promotional materials.


It was our responsibility to produce the photographic congress documentation. The main focus was diversity and the characteristics of the event. This also included the evening event and new portraits of the “Executive Committee” in addition to the lecture rooms, participants and the venue.


To announce and promote the congress, a commercial was produced already in advance. During the event, there were additional videos with highlights, interviews of the members of the board of directors and other important people from the society. You will find some of these highlights on YouTube.


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Having worked with EUROSPINE for a number of years, we modified the app which we developed in 2019 and incorporated additional features. For instance, using the interactive navigation map made it easier for participants to navigate their way around the congress venue. Additionally, participants were able to choose an individual agenda before the congress even started and to address any questions directly to the speaker during the interactive audio feedback sessions, who was then able to discuss these questions in the plenary session. For more information about the app, please visit apace.app.

Spine Times

The congress newspaper “Spine Times” was published daily and contained up-to-date interviews with renowned participants as well as helpful information on the individual congress days. The daily newspaper was produced on site on all 3 event days in order to make current highlights of the congress available to all visitors as a print version in newspaper format first thing in the morning.