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MALTESER Österreich


Hard Facts


Sovereign Order of Malta
Grand Priory of Austria


Non-Profit, Healthcare







The Sovereign Order of Malta is one of our long-standing customers who approached us with the request to revise the existing website system. During the initial discussions, it quickly emerged and became clear that the diversity of the existing six websites needed to be elaborated and enhanced. However, it was important to the client that the commonalities were made apparent and defined parts of the sites were linked to each other. Moreover, it was our task to create a uniform structure and navigation which follows the existing corporate design. A further objective was to provide external visitors with insights on the overall structure of the MALTESER at each site.


We have retained the corporate identity of the website, as specified by the headquarters in Rome, without any changes. However, the relaunch involved modifications that had a positive effect on the online presence of the MALTESER in Austria. As a result of extensive user analysis, the weaknesses in the UX were identified and optimized accordingly. This included, for example, simplified handling in the backend, which ensures an upgraded multisite function on selected pages and blog posts. In order to lead users to the corresponding pages in an even more purposeful fashion, each landing page underwent comprehensive SEO optimization.


About the company

The Order of Malta in Austria is diversified and comprises not only the well-known voluntary MALTESER Hospital Service with its emergency, social and aid services in Austria, but also the MALTESER Ordenshaus, a care facility for the elderly and sick, which is currently under construction as of 2021. Also part of the Order is the MALTESER Children’s Aid in Amstetten, in the Hilde Umdasch House for children with life-threatening illnesses, and MALTESER Care, its mobile 24-hour care services.


How we did it

The individual websites were upgraded with the latest multisite functions in order to streamline the appearance of the various Malteser websites. All home pages now feature a uniform design and frequently used access points, for example, the press room with current articles, may now be administered centrally. The cookie settings have been updated to comply with the latest legal requirements. The search function has been revised to deliver effective results and expanded to include a full-text search. This means that all pages can be conveniently searched by keyword. In order to process feedback more efficiently, an interactive field was incorporated to allow users to express their opinions. An analysis tool automatically evaluates the content of the website so that the data gained can be used to continuously develop and optimize the website. In addition, a large part of the numerous sub-pages of the Malteser website system has been optimized for search engines (SEO optimization), so that from now on the content can be found more easily by the common search engines and accordingly be listed more frequently.