Voice Skills

Design for the ears

Speak instead of type

An important approach of the Voice UX is the implementation of the design as an application for voice assistants – the so-called Voice Skill. When developing skills, a voice consultant ensures that the data and content used are prepared and analyzed. In addition, the personal needs of your customers are eavesdropped in order to create a natural language understanding and a perfect product experience. Certified training at IVTI ensures that we are armed with the technical know-how.

You sit back while we develop, implement and put the finishing touches on your VUI design. We also work out the individual elements – voice icons, sounds and audio logo, down to the smallest detail. In order that not only the ear but also the eyes experience a treat, skills can also be programmed on smart displays such as the Alexa Show.

Interest in new skills is very high among voice assistant users. This allows companies to effectively promote their products and services through this channel as well. We create a holistic concept for you and help you position yourself as a pioneer.



Voice Assistant