Voice Strategy & Workshop

Voice Assistant - a Game Changer

Voice changes everything!

Voice represents an important part of the digital evolution. Voice assistance systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are currently experiencing a strong expansion on the market and are becoming increasingly integrated into everyday use. Thanks to rapid developments and advances in human language processing, voice assistants are also finding applications in other smart technologies, such as household devices or phone systems. 

From search to purchase, voice applications are reshaping the customer journey. They are fundamentally changing online behavior and making listening a trend. To stay on the cutting edge, more and more companies are adapting their marketing strategies and giving voice a significant role. This allows brands unique opportunities to reposition themselves in the market. 

If the voice environment is uncharted territory for you, but you would like to swim with the digitalization tide, we help you tackle your voice strategy in the right places – from analysis and concept to UX design and development to successful SEO optimization. Together, we develop and optimize your market positioning.



Voice Assistant